Gymnazium, Ceskolipska 373, Praha 9

Gymnázium Českolipská Secondary Grammar School is located at the northern edge of Prague 15 minutes to the city centre of Prague by underground.
Our school lies in the relatively new housing estate. The whole housing estate originates from the 1980´s as well as the school building. There was initially a primary school but with the school reform of 1995 our secondary grammar school came into being.
The number of students is 650. According to the records, 25-30% of the students live in Kőbánya, 30% are from the surrounding towns, the others from other parts of Budapest, mainly from south and southeast Budapest.
Between the students, we can find an increasing number of students from the Hungarian speaking parts of the neighboring countries (2-3/year group) as well as students from South-east Asia (2-3/year group), together between 8-9%.
Due to the economic and social circumstances there is a high number of students with an unfavourable background (according to the given criteria 20%, but regarding the financial situation too, it is 50%). We have 15 students with learning difficulties and 34 students with multiple disadvantages.
Our school offers general education and that is why we don't have any specialization. There are all general subjects in our curriculum, human as well as scientifical.
All students learn English from the first year. They can choose another language in their third year in our school – the offer is German or French.
Our students can get acquainted with the basics of professions and improve their knowledge in certain fields, which facilitates their career orientation.
The educational process in our school relies on a calm, tolerant, emphatic atmosphere between teachers and students.
What students’ abilities, skills, subject knowledge, interests, emotional maturity, family, social and cultural background concerns; we face huge differences and often significant deficiencies. Therefore we need to organize activities to support students’ development.
For students with unfavorable background we attempt to provide a wide range of opportunities such as distinguished education in class, school psychologist in collaboration with institutions of child protection.
We consider the role of gathering new experiences highly important, because we are all aware of the fact that experiences, which can be linked to a certain situation, are more likely to be recalled later.

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