Evening High School of Aigaleo

The Evening High School of Aigaleo was established in 1994.
It is located in the west suburbs of Athens and is intended for people of various ages, teenagers and adults who work in the morning.
The last three years, due to the increase of unemployment in our country, unemployed students may also enroll to our courses.
There are about 15 evening secondary schools in the wider region of Attiki having the same curricula as well as the same teaching and evaluation methods as ordinary schools in mainstream secondary education.
In our school there are about 20 experienced teachers who follow the developments in the field of education, receive further training and are willing to teach all subjects in a way that will be comprehensible to this delicate group of working students.
In a four-year period, our students cover all the material taught in a typical secondary high school (mathematics, literature, history, science, foreign languages and computer studies) and through nationwide examinations they have the opportunity to get into higher educational institutions and universities’ departments. Actually, in the last five years we have great final exams results.
Traditional teaching along the knowledge transmission model is the most commonly used teaching method and formative assessment is often used as a means of ‘motivating’ students in almost all evening high schools of our country. We nevertheless try to adjust our school to rapid financial, cultural and technological changes of our time and to incorporate European added value to it.
Under this consideration several environmental programs, health education and cultural projects, as well as various extra-curricular activities are carried out during the school year.
There are about 200 students in our school this year, all coming from a low socioeconomic background. Although they are dealing with major financial problems they are nevertheless willing to fight for a better life level.
The main goal, set by the founding of our school, was and still is, to give all students, regardless of their age, the necessary knowledge for professional and social fulfillment, to stimulate their confidence and to foster their self-esteem.
We believe that all students can learn, regardless of their different backgrounds and circumstances and they deserve an environment of unconditional acceptance coupled with a supportive network that will foster success.

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