Liceum Ogolnosztalcace im. Adama Mickiewicza

Opole Lubelskie is a small town (about 15 000 inhabitants) in the rural area of eastern Poland.
The town was founded in medieval times – there are many historical buildings which prove the rich town’s history.
In one of them in the 16th century palace is situated our school – Adam Mickiewicz High School. 
It offers comprehensive education to 140 students which learn in the classes which they chose according to their preferences/interests.
The traditions and history is very important to us. This year we are celebrating the 70-anniversary of our school’s founding and we are proud that our school is one of the oldest in the whole region.
At the same time the area we live in is rather poor – there is big unemployment and students often live in single – parents families (because one of parents is working abroad). Their parents and town can’t offer them a lot in terms of cultural education and entertainment. Our school does its best to provide the pupils with the wide range of extra curriculum classes, free time activities and the wide choice of contests or sport competitions.
As the teachers we would like our students to be knowledgeable about their hometown, mother country and the united Europe. 
We want them to be tolerant, open-minded and understanding. We try to teach them foreign languages by applying many different, unconventional and modern methods.
This project will give young people great opportunities to wide their horizons and to learn more about themselves, their partners, their country, their partners’ countries. The students usually confined to their school and lessons can gain a possibility to make friends and be part of united Europe.

Our High School

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