IES Clara Campoamor

Clara Campoamor High School is a public educational center which teach ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education for students 12-15 years old) and Scientific and Humanistic “Bachillerato” (not compulsory secondary education for students 16-18 years old).
It is located in a town called La Solana (16.700 inhabitants) in the province of Ciudad Real and in the region of Castilla La-Mancha (Centre-South of Spain).
We have 570 students distributed in 21 groups or courses. The teach team is composed by 42 teachers and there are a social guide, two secretaries and two caretakers as well.
In the Educational Project of our young center (it is just seven years old) international projects and experiences are one of the most important cores.
The 50% of our students of ESO receive bilingual education in subjects such as Geography and History, Physical Education and Technology.
Our goal for the next course is to implement two new bilingual subjects in Plastics Arts and Physics and Chemistry.
Another aim is to establish a new educational figure known as “Excellence High School” that will add the international education as one of the main features.

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