Istituto Paritario Plateja

The Association for cultural development "Plateja" is a private secondary vocational school placed in the city center of Taranto, South of Italy, for students aged 14-19 years old.
The school was established in 1997 and has,until today, great educational activity.
Our pupils can choose among four different types of courses: social services, technology, accountancy and "Liceo" specialized in scientific studies.
Our pupils have different backgrounds. The majority of them come from normal families, which support them as students and adolescents.
There are few cases of adopted children, pupils coming from abroad, other cities or disadvantages families.
So, one of the most important goals of our school is to integrate these children and to create an educational community where everybody can improve in many different fields.
Education and training is a process of lifelong learning for all of us, which helps students to build a responsible personality.
During his journey towards cultural and personnel training, the student is accompanied by the teacher as a true travel companion that guides him in the choices, follows him while he is growing, without replacing him.
The teacher's role is to observe and listen to the students without expecting immediate results. The teacher guides the students to understand the concepts stimulating their natural curiosity with a specific methodology.
Our school has 211 teachers and 54 members of the staff (48 teachers and 6 other members of the staff, like secretaries and administratives).
We have also taken part into two Comenius projects on 2009 and 2012.